Back in the 1980s and early 1990s, the parent groups in the Stillwater School District were called Parent Advisory Committees.  The Lake Elmo Elementary PAC was a dedicated group of hard-working families, much like today’s PTA families. In 1991, a group of families started to explore other options that would include more teacher input in their organization. That spring, parents voted to establish a Parent Teacher Association at Lake Elmo Elementary starting in the 1992-93 school year. 


Today, Lake Elmo PTA still attracts hard-working families and teachers — juggling the same busy schedules families do today. We’ve grown and changed along with our school, pooling our talents and giving what we can, making a difference in our school’s community. What hasn’t changed is our mission: connect and strengthen our families, support our teachers and staff, get to know our community and have fun together.


Guided by a Board of Directors that includes teachers, specialists and parents, the Lake Elmo Elementary PTA works year-round to organize events the school community can enjoy and benefit from. Our events and activities are not just for members, though. We’re here for all students, families, teachers and staff.